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Star Festival
 The Star Festival (Tanabata) is on July 7th, so we celebrated the event a day earlier making sure to get our wishes in on time. 

Here is an abbreviated version of the story:

The story goes that the Weaving Princess (Orihime) and the Cow Herd (Hikoboshi) met and fell in love. Once they were married, Orihime stopped weaving and Hikoboshi let his cows roam all over the place.

The Sky King, Tentei, got angry and separated the couple. Orihime lived on one side of the Milky Way and Hikoboshi lived on the other side.

Orihime was deeply saddened by the separation and Tentei, seeing her grief, agreed to let the couple meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month.

However, if it rains on that day the couple cannot meet and must wait another year.

Now every year on July 7th we wish for a clear day and we write wishes to hang on the bamboo branches to celebrate this wonderful festival.

I wish for 100 donuts???


Happy Tanabata to everyone.

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Almost the end of term.....
 So far this week we have learned:

1. All about the phases of the moon in our Science Class.

2. Batik technique

3. Reading and writing

4. Paint effects with Batik

....and it's only Wednesday!!!
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Just another musical Thursday, oh, whoa!
 Music time comes to, maracas and microphones!!!

Singing before the rain. We rocked out to some classic songs today! 
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Around the world in 5.5 hours?
 We dressed up and learned all about the people and places in our neighborhood. So many places! So many people!

 Rock stars!!!

 Doctors and nurses!!!

 And a Korean Princess.

There were so many people to see today. What fun!

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Rolling, rolling, rolling.....
 The science of shapes was what we were investigating on Monday. Would the 3D shapes roll, slide or stack?

 A cylinder rolls and stacks, but isn't very good at sliding.

The ball rolls, but can't be used for stacking, nor does it slide very well.

Results recording:

 What we learned.

The big results poster. Impressive work girls!

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Who are the people in your neighborhood?
 This month we are learning all about the people living in our neighborhoods.

We started to make our town map......

We are learning all about plants during our science lessons.

I wonder what kind of plant the seeds will grow into to?

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I can read!
 Our Aquarius kiddies are learning to read, and are making AMAZING progress!!! It's only been a few months, but they're reading sight words and constructing free sentences all on their own.  Keep it up everyone.

 "I'm studying here!"

 "I can read!!!!"

"I am making huge leaps in my reading and writing!"
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What do you get if you put a tissue box, some paper, and toilet rolls together?
Let's have a look and find out!

The tissue box has been covered and the lens has been added.  What's next?

 Cutting out a blue circle, but what for?

I get it!!! It was for the flash!  What an amazing camera you made!
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How do you feel today?
 Our Aquarius Class is very artistic. On Wednesday's we have "Art" as our main subject to study.  Have a look at these great emotion masks that the class made.



 Happy again!

In love.....

 Hungry!!! This one is my favorite.  

"How do you feel?"

 "I'm HAPPY today.  How about you?"

 "I'm very, very hungry!!!"
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Wacky Wednesday!
  We had a wacky start to our Wednesday during our morning phonics.................want to see?

Today's Aquarius class is brought to you by the letter Mm.

M is for mom.
M is for Monday.
M is me.
M is for my.
M is for mouse.
M is for MUSTACHE!!!!!

 The winner of the "Best Mustache" contest!


 Honorable mention. back to reading practice we go!  The impromptu mustache day got everyone giggling, and gave us a fantastic idea for making our own dictionaries!  Watch this space and see our dictionary come to life via photos.

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